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  • Countdown to Christmas: Unwrapping Joy in Twenty-Four Day

    Rooted in tradition, it’s a time for family, festive homes, and carol-filled air. Love, giving, and cherished memories create the wondrous tapestry of Christmas The concept gradually evolved, and by the early 20th century, the first printed Advent calendar emerged, adorned with whimsical illustrations. As time went on, the tradition took a delightful turn with…

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  • Mindful Eating: Tips for Managing Emotional Eating

    Are Food Changes Our Moods? What is Mindful Eating? Today let’s discuss about something that uplifts our mood? Food isn’t just fuel for our bodies; it can also serve as a powerful influencer of our mood and mental well-being. Often underestimated, the connection between what we eat, particularly healthy food and how we feel is an…

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  • Breaking Free: Top Reasons We Can’t Stick to Our Bad Memories

     Bad memories have a way of lingering, affecting our emotions, behaviours, and overall well-being. Trying to stick to these memories. on the other hand, having a optimistic outlook means focusing on the good, staying optimistic, and believing in the possibilities even during challenging times but we too often find ourselves caught in a cycle that…

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  • Falling Apart or Rising Above: Confronting Your Fears

    Confronting your Fears As I was leaving the house today, I noticed my next-door neighbour sitting on his house porch, looking completely distraught. I couldn’t simply walk away and ignore the situation, so I approached him and asked if there was anything I could do to help. He began to speak, as if he had…

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  • The Power of Staying Positive

    A Road Map To Long-Term Success Today, as I grappled with finding a favourable blog topic, a dear friend of mine came over. She’s a constant source of inspiration, radiating an contagious smile and an incredible positive energy that never fails to uplift my spirits. Little do most people know that beneath her joyful exterior,…

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  • Love, Marriage, and Self-Awareness: A Journey of Discovery

    Setting off on a journey of self-discovery To my valuable reader,  I apologise for the silence on my end as of late. You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting for a while. Allow me to share with you the cause for this unanticipated break. Two weeks ago, I found myself facing an unexpected…

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