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  • How to Grow Love: Take Care of Your Emotional and Spiritual Self

    Growing Love: A Journey of Emotional and Spiritual Self-Discovery Just a few days back, I received some heartfelt emails from my cherished readers, and to my surprise, three of them were inquiring about love. During the days when I hadn’t posted, my mind was in a constant whirl, contemplating this very subject. The more I…

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  • Fostering Happiness Through Self-Care

    The Importance of Self-Care in Maintaining Inner Calm In the thick of daily issues, when your head feels heavy as a ball and the demands are getting to you, remember that nothing and no one is more important than you. You are not just another gear in the machinery of existence in the midst of…

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  • Voyage of Being Truly Yourself

    I’m not sure whether you’ve ever asked yourself, “How do others perceive me?” What is most important to you—being yourself regardless of what other people think of you? Or attempting to please others? This does not include any regulations. Of course, everyone must obey the law. It is all about the shape of our minds in…

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  • overcoming self-doubts

    overcoming self-doubts on marriage Every day, we face many self-doubts that can cast shadows over our aspirations. These doubts, like whispering voices, make us question our beliefs and our talents. These questions touch even the smallest elements of our lives. Consider yourself poised on the edge of a cliff, considering a leap into the unknown.…

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  • From pain to progress

    A journey of resilience In the symphony of life, pain is an inevitable note that often sounds with dissonance but we never know that pain is a great teacher. It shows up uninvited and interweaves itself into our lives. The possibility for development and improvement, however, is only uncovered when suffering has been experienced and…

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  • Reducing Anxiety to Become a Better You

    Today, I would like to talk about how the power of mindful practice can help us control our anxiety. Anxiety may become a permanent companion, whispering fears and doubts into every crevice of our thinking. It is not just a passing feeling; rather, it can weave itself into the fabric of our daily lives, affecting…

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